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Re: [PATCH v3] NetBSD: use system-provided headers

Manuel Bouyer writes ("[PATCH v3] NetBSD: use system-provided headers"):
> +#ifdef __NetBSD__
> +#include <xen/xenio.h>
> +#else
>  #include <xen/sys/privcmd.h>
> +#endif
>  #include <xen/foreign/x86_32.h>
>  #include <xen/foreign/x86_64.h>
Maneul, thanks.  I think this is a bugfix and ought in principle to go
in but I think we probably want to do this with configure rather than
ad-hoc ifdefs.

Roger, what do you think ?  Were you going to add a configure test for
the #ifdef that we put in earlier ?




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