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Re: [PATCH v8 00/16] acquire_resource size and external IPT monitoring

On 01.02.21 16:00, Andrew Cooper wrote:

Hi Andrew

On 01/02/2021 13:47, Oleksandr wrote:
On 01.02.21 15:07, Andrew Cooper wrote:

Hi Andrew

On 01/02/2021 12:34, Oleksandr wrote:
On 30.01.21 04:58, Andrew Cooper wrote:
One query I did leave on IRC, and hasn't had an answer.

What is the maximum number of vcpus in an ARM guest?
public/arch-arm.h says that current supported guest VCPUs max number
is 128.

You moved an
x86-ism "max 128 vcpus" into common code.
Ooh, I am not sure I understand where exactly. Could you please
clarify in which patch?
ioreq_server_get_frame() hardcodes "there is exactly one non-bufioreq
frame", which in practice means there is 128 vcpu's work of struct
ioreqs contained within the mapping.

I've coded ioreq_server_max_frames() to perform the calculation
correctly, but ioreq_server_get_frame() will need fixing by whomever
supports more than 128 vcpus with ioreq servers first.

Thank you for the explanation. Now it is clear what you meant.


Oleksandr Tyshchenko



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