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RE: Question...

Bonjour, Bertrand,


Thank you for your reply. I am a newbie to Xen but I’ve used Bhyve, Vmware and MSFT Hyper-V before so I am somewhat familiar with how type-1 hypervisors work. Still. 🤔


I've enclosed:


  1. The script I used to try to set up Dom0. It’s basically the script I found here: https://angryelectron.com/how-to-install-ubuntu-as-xen-dom0-and-domu/, except, slightly modified for AArch64/ARMv8 as close as I was able to determine it.
  2. The grub.cfg file.


As I said, the serial port STDOUT goes dead so no logs. Please help me understand how to turn on logging so I can figure out what’s going on.




The machine I’m porting to is this one: https://www.gigabyte.com/tw/ARM-Server/R281-T94-rev-100#ov


It has 128G RAM and a total of 5TB of SAS and SSD disk. I’m booting off one of the SSDs.


It runs Ubuntu 20.04 LTS just fine; I even have a UEFI GOP driver for the AMD Radeon R9 GPU I plugged in. All of that works fine with Ubuntu.


Thanks in advance for any ideas





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Hi Samuel,


> On 1 May 2020, at 06:59, Samuel P. Felton - GPT LLC <sam.felton@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:


> So, I’m trying to get a Xen Dom0 and DomU, both running Ubuntu 20.04 LTS up on our brand-new Gigabyte ThunderX2 ARM64 box. I can get Ubuntu up and running, but after installing the Xen bits, it dies after the UEFI layer launches GRUB. I haven’t been able to get any logfiles because it doesn’t get that far. Nothing shows up on the serial port log either – it just hangs.


> Has anyone over there been trying to get a similar setup running? Am I out to lunch for trying this, or is there something I’m missing? Any help at all would be appreciated.


I am currently porting Xen on an N1SDP arm board which is also using a EDK2/grub setup and I manage to start xen from grub and then start dom0 providing a DTB.


My grub configuration looks like this:

menuentry 'xen' {

    xen_hypervisor $prefix/xen.efi loglvl=all guest_loglvl=all console=dtuart dtuart=serial0 dom0_mem=1G

    xen_module $prefix/Image console=hvc0 efi=noruntime rw root=/dev/sda1 rootwait

    devicetree $prefix/n1sdp.dtb



Could you share your grub configuration ?





> If this doesn’t work, I’m going to have to go to FreeBSD and Bhyve because I know someone who has that working. I’d rather use Linux than BSD for this application, there are more drivers supporting this hardaware.


> Thanks,

> ~Sam





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