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Re: [PATCH 02/16] x86/traps: Clean up printing in do_reserved_trap()/fatal_trap()

On 02.05.2020 00:58, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> For one, they render the vector in a different base.
> Introduce X86_EXC_* constants and vec_name() to refer to exceptions by their
> mnemonic, which starts bringing the code/diagnostics in line with the Intel
> and AMD manuals.

For this "bringing in line" purpose I'd like to see whether you could
live with some adjustments to how you're currently doing things:
- NMI is nowhere prefixed by #, hence I think we'd better not do so
  either; may require embedding the #-es in the names[] table, or not
  using N() for NMI
- neither Coprocessor Segment Overrun nor vector 0x0f have a mnemonic
  and hence I think we shouldn't invent one; just treat them like
  other reserved vectors (of which at least vector 0x09 indeed is one
  on x86-64)?




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