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Re: [Xen-devel] [BUG] panic: "IO-APIC + timer doesn't work" - several people have reproduced

On Mon, Feb 17, 2020 at 2:46 PM Andrew Cooper <andrew.cooper3@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> On 17/02/2020 19:19, Jason Andryuk wrote:
> > enabling vecOn Tue, Dec 31, 2019 at 5:43 AM Aaron Janse <aaron@xxxxxxxxx> 
> > wrote:
> >> On Tue, Dec 31, 2019, at 12:27 AM, Andrew Cooper wrote:
> >>> Is there any full boot log in the bad case?  Debugging via divination
> >>> isn't an effective way to get things done.
> >> Agreed. I included some more verbose logs towards the end of the email 
> >> (typed up by hand).
> >>
> >> Attached are pictures from a slow-motion video of my laptop booting. Note 
> >> that I also included a picture of a stack trace that happens immediately 
> >> before reboot. It doesn't look related, but I wanted to include it anyway.
> >>
> >> I think the original email should have said "4.8.5" instead of "4.0.5." 
> >> Regardless, everyone on this mailing list can now see all the boot logs 
> >> that I've seen.
> >>
> >> Attaching a serial console seems like it would be difficult to do on this 
> >> laptop, otherwise I would have sent the logs as a txt file.
> > I'm seeing Xen panic: "IO-APIC + timer doesn't work" on a Dell
> > Latitude 7200 2-in-1.  Fedora 31 Live USB image boots successfully.
> > No way to get serial output.  I manually recreated the output before
> > from the vga display.
> We have multiple bugs.
> First and foremost, Xen seems totally broken when running in ExtINT
> mode.  This needs addressing, and ought to be sufficient to let Xen
> boot, at which point we can try to figure out why it is trying to fall
> back into 486(ish) compatibility mode.
> > I tested Linux with intel_iommu=on and that booted successfully.
> > Under Xen, this system sets iommu_x2apic_enabled = true, so
> > force_iommu is set and iommu=0 cannot disable the iommu.
> > fails.  Oh, I can disable x2apic and then disable iommu
> >
> > x2apic=1 -> failure above
> > x2apic=0 iommu=0 -> failure above
> > clocksource=acpi -> doesn't help
> > clocksource=pit -> hangs after "load tracking window length 1073741824 ns"
> None of these are surprising, given that Xen can't make any interrupts
> work at all.
> > noapic -> BUG in init_bsp_APIC
> This is a surprise.  Its clearly a bug in Xen.  (OTOH, I've been
> threatening to rip all of that logic out, because there is no such thing
> as a 64bit capable system without an integrated APIC.)

It's a GPF [error_code=0000] at init_bsp_APIC+0x53 which is
   0xffff82d080428f86 <+64>:    je     0xffff82d080428fc9 <init_bsp_APIC+131>
   0xffff82d080428f88 <+66>:    or     $0xff,%al
   0xffff82d080428f8a <+68>:    test   %sil,%sil
   0xffff82d080428f8d <+71>:    je     0xffff82d080428fd8 <init_bsp_APIC+146>
   0xffff82d080428f8f <+73>:    mov    $0x80f,%ecx
   0xffff82d080428f94 <+78>:    mov    $0x0,%edx
   0xffff82d080428f99 <+83>:    wrmsr

RAX is 0x3ff

This is immediately after Xen prints "Switched to APIC driver x2apic_cluster"

> > One other thing that might be noteworthy.  Linux only prints ACPI IRQ0
> > and IRQ9 used by override where Xen lists IRQ 0, 2 & 9.
> Huh - this is supposed to come directly from the ACPI tables, so Linux
> and Xen should be using the same source of information.
> >
> > Below is the re-constructed Xen console output.  The SMBIOS line is
> > the first thing displayed on the VGA output.
> Yes - it is the first thing printed after vesa_init() which I think is a
> manifestation of a previous EFI bug I've reported.  Does booting with
> -basevideo help?  (No need to transcribe the output, manually.  Just
> need to know if it lets you see the full log.)

I'm booting grub->xen.gz so -basevideo isn't directly applicable.  My
attempt at setting a boot entry failed, so I'll have to try that

> >   I skipped the full EFI
> > memory map dump since it is quite long.
> >
> > I've also attached the Linux dmesg output.  Any pointers or
> > suggestions are most welcome.
> Lets start with getting Xen able to limp along to a full boot.  After
> that, we can figure out how to stop it making silly decisions during boot.
> ~Andrew

Thanks for taking a look.


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