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Re: [Xen-devel] CPU Lockup bug with the credit2 scheduler

On 1/7/20 6:25 AM, Alastair Browne wrote:


So in conclusion, the tests indicate that credit2 might be unstable.

For the time being, we are using credit as the chosen scheduler. We
are booting the kernel with a parameter "sched=credit" to ensure that
the correct scheduler is used.

After the tests, we decided to stick with kernel and 4.12 Xen
for production use running credit1 as the default scheduler.

One person CC'ed appears to be having the same experience, where the credit2 scheduler leads to lockups (in this case in the domU, not the dom0) under relatively heavy load. It seems possible they may have the same root cause.

I don't think there are, but have there been any patches since the 4.13.0 release which might have fixed problems with credit 2 scheduler? If not, what would the next step be to isolating the problem - a debug build of Xen or something else?

If there are no merged or proposed fixes soon, it may be worth considering making the credit scheduler the default again until problems with the credit2 scheduler are resolved.

Thanks, Sarah

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