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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 1/4] xenbus: move xenbus_dev_shutdown() into frontend code...

On 05.12.19 15:01, Paul Durrant wrote:
...and make it static

xenbus_dev_shutdown() is seemingly intended to cause clean shutdown of PV
frontends when a guest is rebooted. Indeed the function waits for a
conpletion which is only set by a call to xenbus_frontend_closed().

This patch removes the shutdown() method from backends and moves
xenbus_dev_shutdown() from xenbus_probe.c into xenbus_probe_frontend.c,
renaming it appropriately and making it static.

Is this a good move considering driver domains?

At least I'd expect the commit message addressing the expected behavior
with rebooting a driver domain and why this patch isn't making things


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