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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH V2 3/6] [RFC] xen/common: Introduce _xrealloc function

Hi, Jan, Volodymyr.

  c. re-allocate struct with flexible buffer.

option c. is about structures like this:

struct arrlen
         size_t len;
         int data[1];

This is Oleksandr's case.

So for option a. we can use _xreallocate(ptr, size, align)
For option b. we can use xrealloc_array(_ptr, _type, _num)
And for option c. I propose to implement the following macro:

#define realloc_flex_struct(_ptr, _type, _field, _len)                        \   ((_type *)_xrealloc(_ptr, offsetof(_type, _field[_len]) , __alignof__(_type)))

It can be used in the following way:

newptr = realloc_flex_struct(ptr, struct arrlen, newsize);

As you can see, this approach is type-safe and covers Oleksanrd's case.

This looks fine to me, but then wants to be accompanied by a
similar xmalloc_flex_struct(), which could be used right away
to replace a number of open-coded instances of the above.

Thank you Volodymyr for the idea. Looks like we can get a type-safe approach which looks suitable for my particular case.

So, I need to focus on the proper implementation of non type-safe (_xrealloc) variant in the first place taking into the account Jan's comments. Then I will be back to the suggested type-safe marco (realloc_flex_struct).

There's one more thing for the re-alloc case though (besides
cosmetic aspects): The incoming pointer should also be verified
to be of correct type.

Jan, how this could be technically implemented, or are these any existing examples in Xen?



Oleksandr Tyshchenko

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