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Re: [Xen-devel] RT Xen on ARM - R-Car series

Hello Julien,

On 15.02.19 18:31, Julien Grall wrote:
Why? Is it because you want to be cache-aligned?  If so, requiring the
structure to be 64-bytes is not enough.

I did not mean caches.

You also want the address to
be 64-bytes aligned.

I would keep it as a hint for static/dynamic allocations in VMs, hoping the 
address would be normally 64 bytes aligned.
I hope it might be stronger than, only commenting it should not cross a page 
boundary. E.g. like `struct vcpu_register_vcpu_info` is commented.

I've got this idea after looking at runstate definition as per-cpu in Linux [1]

If an OS cares about it, then it can aligned itself here.
I suppose we can hint the OS by structure alignment in the interface header, 
and require it from OS verifying it on hypercall handling.

[1] https://elixir.bootlin.com/linux/v5.0-rc6/source/drivers/xen/time.c#L22

Andrii Anisov.

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