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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 1/1] tools/ocaml: Re-introduce Xenctrl.with_intf wrapper [and 1 more messages]

Christian Lindig writes ("[PATCH 1/1] tools/ocaml: Re-introduce 
Xenctrl.with_intf wrapper"):
> Commit 81946a73dc975a7dafe9017a8e61d1e64fdbedbf removed
> Xenctrl.with_intf based on its undesirable behaviour of opening and
> closing a Xenctrl connection with every invocation. This commit
> re-introduces with_intf but with an updated behaviour: it maintains a
> global Xenctrl connection which is opened upon first usage and kept
> open. This handle can be obtained by clients using new functions
> get_handle() and close_handle().

Thanks, I like the changes you made.

I still think

> +(** [close handle] closes the handle maintained by [with_intf] *)
> +val close_handle: unit -> unit

this needs a stronger warning against anyone ever calling it, or a
clearer explanation of the consquences (whose scope is very broad).


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