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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen optimization

On 10/13/2018 05:01 PM, Milan Boberic wrote:


Don't interrupt _come_ from hardware and go/are routed to
Yes they do, sorry, I reversed the order because I'm a newbie :) .

Would you mind to explain what is the triple timer counter?
On this link on page 342 is explanation.

Which link?

This is not the official Xen repository and look like patches have been applied 
on top. I am afraid, I am not going to be able help here. Could you do the same 
experiment with Xen 4.11?

I think I have to get Xen from Xilinx because I use board that has
Zynq Ultrascale. Stefano sent branch with Xen 4.11 so I built with it.

The board should be fully supported upstreamed. If Xilinx has more patch on top, then you would need to seek support from them because I don't know what they changed in Xen.


Julien Grall

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