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[Xen-devel] Xen optimization

I'm testing Xen Hypervisor 4.10 performance on UltraZed-EG board with
carrier card.
I created bare-metal application in Xilinx SDK.
In bm application I:
           - start triple timer counter (ttc) which generates
interrupt every 1us
           - turn on PS LED
           - call function 100 times in for loop (function that sets
some values)
           - turn off LED
           - stop triple timer counter
           - reset counter value

I ran this bare-metal application under Xen Hypervisor with following settings:
    - used null scheduler (sched=null) and vwfi=native
    - bare-metal application have one vCPU and it is pinned for pCPU1
    - domain which is PetaLinux also have one vCPU pinned for pCPU0,
other pCPUs are unused.
Under Xen Hypervisor I can see 3us jitter on oscilloscope.

When I ran same bm application with JTAG from Xilinx SDK (without Xen
Hypervisor, directly on the board) there is no jitter.

I'm curios what causes this 3us jitter in Xen (which isn't small
jitter at all) and is there any way of decreasing it?

Also I would gladly accept any suggestion about increasing
performance, decreasing jitter, decreasing interrupt latency, etc.

Thanks in advance, Milan Boberic.

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