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[Xen-devel] What about dom0? (was: Re: Clarification regarding Meltdown and 64-bit PV guests)

On 13/01/2018 07:42, Andy Smith wrote:
> [...]


Dom0 is a PV guest with more privileges than a domU, right?

Currently all documentation and FAQ do not contain a section about this.
It's all about the hypervisor and guests.

Probable reason for this is that most people on this list implicitly
think about dom0 as a thing that has as only purpose to manage starting
and stopping domUs, forwarding some network traffic using bridges or
openvswitch, and with its own network connection probably on a separate
management network...

But what about small-deployment-users who use the dom0 for more things,
and have a bunch of Xen domUs running inside. Who knows what they do,
maybe they even have their graphical desktop environment running in dom0
with web browser and everything?

Just throwing some dust in the air... :)


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