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Re: [Xen-devel] sidecar (hvm shim) creation script

Ian Jackson writes ("Re: sidecar (hvm shim) creation script"):
> Here is the converter script where I just got my guest to boot with
> the Vixen shim, as built and provided by Wei.

And here is one which handles the guest console correctly.  Vixen
sends the L2 guest console to the emulated serial, along with the
shim's own output.

#!/usr/bin/perl -w
# usage:
#   pvshim-converter [OPTIONS] OLD-CONFIG NEW-CONFIG
# options:
#   --sidecars-directory DIR   default is /var/lib/xen/pvshim-sidecars
#   --shim SHIM                overrides domain config file
#   --debug                    verbose, and leaves sidecar prep dir around
# What we do
#  read existing config file using python
#  determine kernel, ramdisk and cmdline
#  use them to produce sidecar and save it under domain name
#  mess with the things that need to be messed with
#  spit out new config file

use strict;

use Getopt::Long;
use JSON;
use IO::Handle;
use POSIX;
use Fcntl qw(:flock);

our $debug;

sub runcmd {
    print STDERR "+ @_\n" if $debug;
    $!=0; $?=0; system @_ and die "$_[0]: $! $?";

our $shim;
our $sidecars_dir = '/var/lib/xen/pvshim-sidecars';

GetOptions('sidecars-directory=s' => \$sidecars_dir,
           'shim=s' => \$shim,
           'debug' => \$debug)
    or die "pvshim-converter: bad options\n";

@ARGV==2 or die "pvshim-converter: need old and new config filenames";

our ($in,$out) = @ARGV;

our $indata;

if ($in ne '-') {
    open I, '<', "$in" or die "open input config file: $!\n";
} else {
    open I, '<&STDIN' or die $!;
    local $/;
    $indata = <I>;
I->error and die $!;
close I;

open P, "-|", qw(python -c), <<END, $indata or die $!;
import sys
import json
l = {}
exec sys.argv[1] in l
for k in l.keys():
        if k.startswith("_"):
                del l[k]
print json.dumps(l)

our $c;

    local $/;
    $_ = <P>;
    $!=0; $?=0; close P or die "$! $?";
    $c = decode_json $_;

die "no domain name ?" unless exists $c->{name};
die "bootloader not yet supported" if $c->{bootloader};
die "no kernel" unless $c->{kernel};

our $sidecar = $c->{pvshim_sidecar_path} || "$sidecars_dir/$c->{name}.iso";
our $dmwrap = $c->{pvshim_sidecar_path} || "$sidecars_dir/$c->{name}.dm";

$shim ||= $c->{pvshim_path};
$shim ||= '/usr/local/lib/xen/boot/xen-shim';

our $shim_cmdline = $c->{pvshim_cmdline} || 'console=com1 com1=115200n1 
loglvl=all guest_loglvl=all';
$shim_cmdline .= ' '.$c->{pvshim_extra} if $c->{pvshim_extra};

our $kernel_cmdline = $c->{cmdline} || '';
$kernel_cmdline .= ' root='.$c->{root} if $c->{root};
$kernel_cmdline .= ' '.$c->{extra} if $c->{extra};

print "pvshim-converter: creating sidecar in $sidecar\n";

runcmd qw(mkdir -m700 -p --), $sidecars_dir;

open L, ">", "$sidecar.lock" or die "$sidecar.lock: open $!";
flock L, LOCK_EX or die "$sidecar.lock: lock: $!";

my $sd = "$sidecar.dir";

system qw(rm -rf --), $sd;
mkdir $sd, 0700;

runcmd qw(cp --), $shim, "$sd/shim";
runcmd qw(cp --), $c->{kernel}, "$sd/kernel";
runcmd qw(cp --), $c->{ramdisk}, "$sd/ramdisk" if $c->{ramdisk};

my $grubcfg = <<END;
serial --unit=0 --speed=9600 --word=8 --parity=no --stop=1
terminal_input serial
terminal_output serial

set timeout=0

menuentry 'Xen shim' {
        insmod gzio
        insmod xzio
        multiboot (cd)/shim placeholder $shim_cmdline
        module (cd)/kernel placeholder $kernel_cmdline
        module (cd)/ramdisk

runcmd qw(mkdir -p --), "$sd/boot/grub";
open G, ">", "$sd/boot/grub/grub.cfg" or die "$sd, grub.cfg: $!";
print G $grubcfg or die $!;
close G or die $!;

unlink "$sidecar.new" or $!==ENOENT or die "$sidecar.new: rm: $!";
runcmd qw(grub-mkrescue -o), "$sidecar.new", "$sidecar.dir";
if (!stat "$sidecar.new") {
    $!==ENOENT or die "$sidecar.new: stat: $!";

    print STDERR <<END;
pvshim-converter: grub-mkrescue exited with status zero but failed to make iso.
NB that grub-mkrescue has a tendency to lie in its error messages.
    my $missing;
    foreach my $check (qw(xorriso mformat)) {
        $missing |= system qw(sh -c), "type $check";

    if ($missing) {
        print STDERR <<END;
You seem to have some program(s) missing which grub-mkrescue depends on,
see above.  ("mformat" is normally in the package "mtools".)
Installing those programs will probably help.
    } else {
        print STDERR <<END;
And older grub-mkrescue has a tendency not to notice certain problems.
Maybe strace will tell you what is wrong.  :-/
    die "pvshim-converter: grub-mkrescue did not make iso\n";

runcmd qw(rm -rf --), "$sidecar.dir" unless $debug;

open Q, ">", "$dmwrap.new" or die "$dmwrap: $!";
print Q <<'END_DMWRAP';

set -x
: "$@"
set +x


newarg () {

while [ $# -gt 1 ]; do
    case "$1" in
            newarg "$1"; shift
            newarg "$1"; shift
            newarg "$1"; shift
            newarg "$1"; shift
            name="$1"; shift
            newarg "$name"
            : fixme
            newarg "$1"; shift
            newarg "$1"; shift
            shift; shift
            case "$1" in
                    newarg "-device"
                    newarg "$1"; shift
            echo >&2 "warning: unexpected argument $1 being passed through"
            newarg "$1"; shift

#if [ "x$name" != x ]; then
#    logdir=/var/log/xen
#    logfile="$logdir/shim-$name.log"
#    savelog "$logfile" ||:
#    newarg -serial
#    newarg "file:$logfile"

set -x
exec /usr/local/lib/xen/bin/qemu-system-i386 "${newargs[@]}"

chmod 0755, "$dmwrap.new" or die "$dmwrap: chmod: $!";

close Q or die $!;

rename "$sidecar.new", $sidecar or die "$sidecar: install: $!";
rename "$dmwrap.new",  $dmwrap  or die "$dmwrap: install: $!";

print STDERR <<END;
pvshim-converter: wrote qemu wrapper to $dmwrap
pvshim-converter: wrote sidecar to $sidecar

my $append = <<END;

if ($out ne '-') {
    open O, ">", "$out.tmp" or die "open output config temp: $out.tmp: $!\n";
} else {
    open O, ">&STDOUT" or die $!;

print O $indata, "\n", $append or die "write output: $!";
close O or die "close output: $!";

if ($out ne '-') {
    rename "$out.tmp", $out or die "install output: $!";
    print STDERR "pvshim-converter: wrote new guest config to $out\n";
} else {
    print STDERR "pvshim-converter: wrote new guest config to stdout\n";
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