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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 2/2] libfsimage: Add support for btrfs

Ross Lagerwall writes ("[PATCH 2/2] libfsimage: Add support for btrfs"):
> Add support for booting from btrfs filesystems. All the code except
> fsys_btrfs.c is imported from btrfs-progs 4.5.1. btrfs-progs is licensed
> as GPLv2. The files have been imported with minimal modification.
> Further work could split and prune the support code to only what is
> required for reading.
> The driver supports following subvolumes and symlinks, and reading files
> with compression (zlib and lzo). This driver is useful for booting
> SLES 12 in its default configuration, since it uses btrfs.

I think this is fine in principle.  But can you split the code import
from the code you have written ?  I guess I don't mean to ask you to
_rearrange_ the code, but can you split it into separate commits ?
I think that will make archeaology etc. much easier.


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