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Re: [Xen-devel] [xen 4.6 retrospective] [bad] Code style checking takes up too much time

>>> On 28.08.15 at 17:39, <lars.kurth.xen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> What may be a bigger issue, is that older code may not fully adhere to 
> coding standards. The open question is then
> * Whether such a tool should only run on the diff/patch

Isn't that the intended / expected behavior of such a tool anyway?
If so, the real problem here is how the tool should determine the
style of a file being modified when that file's style isn't reasonably

> * If not, how we deal with check failures in areas of a file that have not 
> been touched by the contributor

Manual inspection, using common sense to decide whether to ignore
the tools complaint?


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