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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 5/8] tmem: Move TMEM_CONTROL subop of tmem hypercall to sysctl.

>>> On 28.08.15 at 16:15, <konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Then I decided to see if I can expand that to also be part of the
> 'tmem_op', which looked legit (as it is the same size and offset and
> pahole wise it looks right).
> But sadly the compat layer is not happy with me:
> In file included from 
> /home/konrad/ssd/konrad/xen/xen/include/xen/compat.h:12:0,
>                  from 
> /home/konrad/ssd/konrad/xen/xen/include/compat/xen.h:3,
>                  from 
> /home/konrad/ssd/konrad/xen/xen/include/xen/shared.h:6,
>                  from /home/konrad/ssd/konrad/xen/xen/include/xen/sched.h:7,
>                  from setup.c:5:
> /home/konrad/ssd/konrad/xen/xen/include/xen/tmem_xen.h: In function 
> âtmem_get_tmemop_from_clientâ:
> /home/konrad/ssd/konrad/xen/xen/include/compat/xlat.h:935:26: error: 
> incompatible types when assigning to type âxen_tmem_oid_tâ from type 
> âcompat_tmem_oid_tâ
>          (_d_)->u.gen.oid = (_s_)->u.gen.oid; \

I think the main missing piece is the addition of the new structure
to include/xlat.lst. See xen_processor_performance and its
sub-structure struct xen_pct_register (which generally wouldn't
need translation) for reference. (Even if two structures are laid
out identically you still can't assign one to the other by means
other than a member-by-member copy.)


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