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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2] Tmem bug-fixes and cleanups.


At the Xenhackathon we spoke that the tmem code needs a bit of cleanups
and simplification. One of the things that Andrew mentioned was that the
TMEM_CONTROL should really be part of the sysctl hypercall. As I ventured
this path I realized there were some other issues that need to be taken
care of (like shared pools blowing up).

This patchset has been tested with 32/64 guests, with a 64 hypervisor
and 32 bit toolstack (and also with 64bit toolstack) with success.

For fun I've also created an Linux module:
that I will expand to cover in the future more interesting hypercall

Going forward the next step will be to move the 'tmem_control' function to
its own file to simplify the code.

The patches are also in my git tree:

git://xenbits.xen.org/people/konradwilk/xen.git for-4.6/tmem.cleanups.v2

 tools/libxc/include/xenctrl.h          |   2 +-
 tools/libxc/xc_tmem.c                  | 111 ++++++++++----------
 tools/libxl/libxl.c                    |  22 ++--
 tools/python/xen/lowlevel/xc/xc.c      |  27 +++--
 tools/xenstat/libxenstat/src/xenstat.c |   6 +-
 xen/common/sysctl.c                    |   7 +-
 xen/common/tmem.c                      | 183 +++++++++++++++++----------------
 xen/include/public/sysctl.h            |  44 ++++++++
 xen/include/public/tmem.h              |  39 +------
 xen/include/xen/tmem.h                 |   3 +
 xen/include/xen/tmem_xen.h             |   1 -
 xen/include/xsm/dummy.h                |   6 --
 xen/include/xsm/xsm.h                  |   6 --
 xen/xsm/dummy.c                        |   1 -
 xen/xsm/flask/hooks.c                  |   9 +-
 xen/xsm/flask/policy/access_vectors    |   2 +-
 16 files changed, 237 insertions(+), 232 deletions(-)
Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk (8):
      tmem: Don't crash/hang/leak hypervisor when using shared pools within an 
      tmem: Add ASSERT in obj_rb_insert for pool->rwlock lock.
      tmem: remove in xc_tmem_control_oid duplicate set_xen_guest_handle call
      tmem: Remove xc_tmem_control mystical arg3
      tmem: Move TMEM_CONTROL subop of tmem hypercall to sysctl.
      tmem: Remove the old tmem control XSM checks as it is part of sysctl 
      tmem: Remove extra spaces at end and some hard tabbing.
      tmem: Spelling mistakes.

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