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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM x86 deprivileged mode: AMD SVM TR problem

On 20/08/15 10:34, Tim Deegan wrote:
At 17:36 +0100 on 19 Aug (1440005801), Ben Catterall wrote:

On 19/08/15 16:43, Tim Deegan wrote:
At 16:04 +0100 on 19 Aug (1440000260), Ben Catterall wrote:
I've hit a blocker on getting this working for AMD's SVM and would
appreciate any thoughts. Hopefully I've missed a much simpler way of
doing this or I've missed something!

So, AMD and Intel differ in how they handle the TR on a VMEXIT and
VMRUM. On a VMEXIT, Intel Save the guest's TR and then restore the
host's TR. AMD do not save the guest's TR nor do they restore the host's

So, we need to context switch it out. The only ways that I know of to do
this are with the ltr and str instructions. Now, ltr will throw #GP if
loaded with a null selector and, when loaded, will immediately fetch
from the current GDT the descriptor's data.

After issuing a VMEXIT and moving into deprivileged mode, I need a valid
TSS so that we can handle exceptions in ring 3, otherwise, thanks to an
invalid TSS selector in the TR causing a system shutdown (AMD manual),
the guest could crash the system.

At the moment, I can save the guest's TR, load the host's TR and then
happily handle exceptions when we are in ring 3 now so that's fixed the
shutdown issue. But, when moving back to the guest, I have no easy way
to restore the TR.

I think the CPU will load that state for you from the VMCB when
entering the guest.  (At least, if it doesn't, I don't know how VCPU
migration works at the moment.)  So only the VMEXIT path needs any
This pointed me in another direction, thanks!

  From what I've understood, the behaviour of VMEXIT and VMRUN
instructions don't save/load that state from the VMCB. Though, if that's
the case, I'd also like to know how the migration code works :).

However, AMD provides VMSAVE and VMLOAD (section 15.4.4 AMD manual 2)
which DO save/load the TR (and other registers)

Ah, quite right.  E.g., svm_ctxt_switch_to() uses it to load that state on
context switch.

I guess if we use this then this alleviates much of the complexity as,
looking at what it saves, I think we would be fine to use VMSAVE and
VMLOAD just when we are doing a HVM depriv operation, and not need to
call them every time we took a VMEXIT and that then gets round this problem.

...this looks like a fine plan.  In fact, looking at svm.c, I think
you can just use hvm_get_segment_register()/hvm_set_segment_register(),
which will DTRT internally.

You'll want to make sure that the depriv code can't itself set the
VCPU's TR state in the VMCB (which would be clobbered by the
hvm_set_segment_register() on return to priv mode), but AFAICS that
would be a desirable property anyway.



Thanks Tim, really appreciated!


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