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Re: [Xen-devel] HVM x86 deprivileged mode: AMD SVM TR problem

At 16:04 +0100 on 19 Aug (1440000260), Ben Catterall wrote:
> I've hit a blocker on getting this working for AMD's SVM and would 
> appreciate any thoughts. Hopefully I've missed a much simpler way of 
> doing this or I've missed something!
> So, AMD and Intel differ in how they handle the TR on a VMEXIT and 
> VMRUM. On a VMEXIT, Intel Save the guest's TR and then restore the 
> host's TR. AMD do not save the guest's TR nor do they restore the host's 
> TR.
> So, we need to context switch it out. The only ways that I know of to do 
> this are with the ltr and str instructions. Now, ltr will throw #GP if 
> loaded with a null selector and, when loaded, will immediately fetch 
> from the current GDT the descriptor's data.
> After issuing a VMEXIT and moving into deprivileged mode, I need a valid 
> TSS so that we can handle exceptions in ring 3, otherwise, thanks to an 
> invalid TSS selector in the TR causing a system shutdown (AMD manual), 
> the guest could crash the system.
> At the moment, I can save the guest's TR, load the host's TR and then 
> happily handle exceptions when we are in ring 3 now so that's fixed the 
> shutdown issue. But, when moving back to the guest, I have no easy way 
> to restore the TR.

I think the CPU will load that state for you from the VMCB when
entering the guest.  (At least, if it doesn't, I don't know how VCPU
migration works at the moment.)  So only the VMEXIT path needs any



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