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Re: [Xen-devel] Could Xen hyperviosr be able to invoke Linux systemcalls?

On Wed, 2015-08-19 at 00:47 +0000, Kun Cheng wrote:

> Live migration between nodes is perhaps the easiest way. But it also
> has draw backs mainly because that migration is coarse-grained.
What I'm saying is that you can, as a first step, look at the migration
code and implement (let's call it so) page moving in a similar way. That
does not mean that you'd have to *always* move all the pages, like a
migration does, you well can move only one page, or a bunch of them.

It's the mechanism for implementing that you should take inspiration

>  Supposing that a VM has multiple VCPUs, if only some of them are
> moved to another node or some other nodes. Then it will be tough to
> decide which one should be the target node for the live migration.
A policy needs to be defined, sure. But we're not talking about that,
we're talking about, after you've decided what to do, how to do that.

>  However, I also think live migration is the best 'first step'. But
> finally a fine grained memory migration is the destination. By the
> way, I am currently digging the migration code. ;) 
Great! :-)


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