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[Xen-devel] Could Xen hyperviosr be able to invoke Linux systemcalls?

Hi all,

That might be a dumb question but I just not confident with it. I'm not familiar with Xen's memory management part. Currently I want to add some supportÂÂ(it should cope more with machine memory) to the hyperviosr to assist the management of the above VMs. Now the situation is there're some codes in the kernel which are supposed to be useful. but can Xen call Linux system calls or other kernel functions?

I'm not pretty sure about this as in my understanding xen hyperviosr lies under the kernel, so it can't invoke a systemcall from the kernel (or let's say dom0's kernel) . Then if I want to use those codes, I suppose I have to implement them in the hyperviosr by myself, right?Â

And does anyone know which one of xen's wiki pages explain the management & APIs of xen's memory?

Thank you all.
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