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[Xen-devel] Problem building xon with cross-compiler


I try to compile xen-4.5.0 in the uclibc buildroot.

On "make xen" I get this error:

mkdir -p compat/.xlat
grep -v '^[[:blank:]]*#' xlat.lst | sed -ne 's,@arch@,x86_32,g' -re 's,[[:blank:]]+xen\.h[[:blank:]]*$,,p' >compat/.xlat/xen.lst.new if ! cmp -s compat/.xlat/xen.lst.new compat/.xlat/xen.lst; then mv -f compat/.xlat/xen.lst.new compat/.xlat/xen.lst; else rm -f compat/.xlat/xen.lst.new; fi
export PYTHON=python; \
while read what name; do \
/bin/sh /foo/buildroot/output/build/xen-4.5.0/xen/tools/get-fields.sh "$what" compat_$name compat/xen.h || exit $?; \
done <compat/.xlat/xen.lst >compat/.xlat/xen.h.new
Fields of 'compat_xenctl_bitmap' not found in 'compat/xen.h'
Makefile:70: recipe for target 'compat/.xlat/xen.h' failed
make[4]: *** [compat/.xlat/xen.h] Error 1

Has anyone an idea what is going wrong?
I didn't get into it, because "compat/xen.h" isn't in the sources.

Kindly regards,
Stefan Kuhne

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