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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v3 OSSTEST 0/19] Implement for driving libvirt via virsh

The following series switches osstest to implement the toolstack via
get_host_method_object()->method rather than toolstack()->{Command}."
method" etc.

This is needed because virsh differs from xm/xl in a few commands.

It also implements partial virsh support (simple lifecycle stuff, but
not e.g. migration yet). Due to the ts-migration-check logic this means
that the libvirt sequence works in so far as it skips/ignores the
migration/save+restore related tests. Wei has a followup series (or at
least a WIP?) which adds migration support. I've dropped my WIP patch
from last time in favour of that.

Since last time I've addressed all of Ian's review on v2. Lots of
passing $gho to things instead of individual properties, switch to a
better inheritance scheme for Osstest::Toolstack::xend, 

*        TestSupport: Add helper to wait for a guest to shutdown
         apt: lock osstest's usages of apt-get against each other
A        ts-logs-capture: Collect some libvirt logs and capabilities
A        Pass host to toolstack()
A        ts-rumpuserxen-demo-xenstorels: Use standard functions for things
         Toolstack: use get_host_method_object() to manage toolstack selection
         TestSupport: always use xl for generic operations.
         TestSupport: guest_create and guest_destroy take only a $gho.
         Toolstack: Refactor guest lifecycle.
         Toolstack: Refactor consolecmd handling
         Toolstack: Refactor shutdown support
A        Toolstack: Refactor migration support check.
         Toolstack: Refactor migration support.
         Toolstack: Refactor save/restore support
         libvirt: Implement initscript restart which has some hope of working.
A        libvirt: Implement shutdown_wait
A        Toolstack: Remove Command field for all toolstacks.
A        ts-guest-start: Use guest_create
N        Toolstack: Pass $gho to create method

* == "TestSupport: Add helper to wait for a guest to shutdown") wasn't
posted last time, it was actually part of the "add distro domU testing
flight" series, but it is needed here too and I expect this one to land

N == New
A == Acked


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