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Re: [Xen-devel] -EINTR return in domain_relinquish_resources

>>> On 23.01.15 at 16:46, <konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Subject: [PATCH] domain: In vcpu_destroy_pagetables we can return -ERESTART
>  instead of -EINTR
> which has the side effect that domain_relinquish_resources will stop
> and return to user-space -EINTR - which it is not equipped to deal with.

The title read wrong, especially on its own, as it appears to
state the inverse thing of what you do in the patch. Perhaps

x86: vcpu_destroy_pagetables() must not return -EINTR

with the initial part of the description adjusted accordingly?

> +    /*
> +     * The put_page_and_type_preemptible is liable to return -EINTR. Other
> +     * callers of it filter the -EINTR to whatever they deem applicable - in
> +     * this case we MUST do it as the caller of this function will return the
> +     * error code to userspace. And userspace for domain destruction expects
> +     * -EAGAIN (domain_relinquish_resources converts ERESTART to -EAGAIN).
> +     */

This is still misleading, as it kind of implies that the function has only
that one caller. Don't talk about domain_relinquish_resources() and
EAGAIN at all.


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