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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH OSSTEST v2 18/18] WIP: libvirt: migration + save/restore support.

Ian Campbell writes ("[PATCH OSSTEST v2 18/18] WIP: libvirt: migration + 
save/restore support."):
> Note that this remains stubbed out, since making it actually work
> requires more work (i.e. I need to figure out what is involved, seem
> to need TLS and a CA etc...)

How annoying.

> NB haven't managed to get this actually working. With GNUtls enabled
> it wants a CA certificate installed:
>     error: Cannot read CA certificate '/etc/pki/CA/cacert.pem': No such file 
> or directory

Let me pick a nit:

> +    my $ho = $self->{Host};
> +    my $caps = target_cmd_output_root($ho, "virsh capabilities");
> +    my $rc = ($caps =~ m/<migration_features>/) ? 0 : 1;

You should probaby escape the < > with \ in case later Perls make them


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