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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH 0/7 v3] tools/hotplug: systemd changes for 4.5

On Mon, Jan 05, Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk wrote:

> +Release Issues
> +==============
> +
> +While we did the utmost to get a release out, there are certain
> +fixes which were not complete on time. As such please reference this
> +section if you are running into trouble.
> +
> +    * systemd not working with Fedora Core 20, 21 or later (systemctl
> +      reports xenstore failing to start).
> +
> +      Systemd support is now part of Xen source code. While utmost work has
> +      been done to make the systemd files compatible across all the
> +      distributions, there might issues when using systemd files from
> +      Xen sources. The work-around is to define an mount entry in
> +      /etc/fstab as follow:
> +
> +      tmpfs                   /var/lib/xenstored      tmpfs
> +      mode=755,context="system_u:object_r:xenstored_var_lib_t:s0" 0 0
> +
> +

Shouldnt this go into a new SELinux section in the INSTALL file?

Its my understanding that the reported SELinux failure is not only
related to the context= mount option, but also to the socket passing
from systemd.


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