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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.4 development update -- RFC for feature freeze timeline

On 07/10/13 05:59, 유재용 wrote:
>> On Thu, 26 Sep 2013, George Dunlap wrote:
>>> Additional things which are likely to make it if we extend a month (18
>>> Nov):
>>> * NUMA Memory migration
>>> * Per-vcpu NUMA affinity
>>> * PV NUMA interface
>>> * ARM guest migration
>>> * USB hotplug for libxl
>> * new hypercalls for SWIOTLB on ARM
> I have a question regarding the candidate features for feature freeze.
> Can anyone declare a new feature or does it only for Citrix employees and 
> maintainers?
> For instance, if I want to upstream live migration feature in ARM, what am I 
> going to do?

So first of all, "Citrix employee" is absolutely irrelevant to any
discussion. Committers are chosen based on their merit, contribution to
the community, and need, according to the Xen governance proceedures
(http://www.xenproject.org/governance.html). Everything else is just a
matter of influence. If you want something to happen, just try to
convince people that it would be a good idea. The more you have
contributed, and the higher the quality of your contribution, the more
weight your preferences and judgement will have; but if your idea is
good and your argument is persuasive, you will be able to convince
people even with little prior involvement. Citrix employees are on the
same ground as everyone else -- if they haven't contributed much, they
won't have much influence.

Secondly, the long list that I send out is just an attempt to track what
people are doing, so that we have an idea who is doing what, and what
state the different features are in, so that we can make good decisions
about when to make releases. It's really just book-keeping. Anyone can
submit features to be tracked; you just have to respond to one of the
e-mails, and then respond again with updates when I send it out again.

The list above is an attempt to *predict* what features *will be
accepted*, not an attempt to *decide* what features are accepted.
Features are accepted when the maintainers / committers think that they
are ready. What I am trying to do is help the community decide when to
do a release. If you think a specific feature worth delaying the release
for, just try to make a case.

Finally, it sounds like the feature you are talking about is already on
my list of things which may be worth delaying the feature freeze for a
month: "ARM guest migration". :-)


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