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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH (V9) 0/2] Add V4V to Xen

On 31/05/13 08:25, Vincent Hanquez wrote:
> On 05/30/2013 05:08 PM, David Vrabel wrote:
>> On 30/05/13 13:07, Ian Campbell wrote:
>>> No patch to docs/... at all? The hypercall interface docs have improved
>>> (although they still aren't great IMHO) but what's really needed is an
>>> overview of the design and a "how do I actually use this" type thing.
>> I agree.  I'm looking at inter-domain communication mechanisms for use
>> in XenServer and it's not obvious how to use v4v securely.
>> e.g., when a previously trusted domain (A) is compromised it may spam a
>> domain (B) with messages in a DoS attack.  The per source domain/port
>> receive rings help here as the domain A will not be able to block B from
>> receiving traffic from other domains.
> It's really up to the guest to take active measure to prevent this to
> happens.
> B have multiple ways to handle this scenario:
> * unregister his ring: A can't communicate with B anymore
> * throttle his ring processing: if B doens't process his ring,
> eventually the ring is full
> and A can't send any more spam.

These require the use of per-sender rings.

> * use stream message type, which has the same semantic to tcp
> (LISTENING/CONNECTING/CONNECTED/..), where a stream need to be connected
> before data is processed.

You would still need to handle connection request spam.

> There's also the v4v firewall where connection can be blocked.
> I'm not sure at the moment that a guest can set anything in it itself,
> but if not
> i think it would be a good idea for a guest to proactively set blocking
> rules for
> ring it owns.

At the moment it looks like only privileged guest can add/modify
v4vtable rules.

>> But how are these per-connection rings created?  This seems to require
>> out-of-band signaling for connection setup.  I suppose this could be via
>> v4v and a connection manager service running in a known and trusted
>> domain. But how does a domain find the connection manager service and
>> how does it handle the connection management domain being restarted?
> Rings are created by a guest listening to v4v.

A listener doesn't know in advance which domains might attempt to
connect so it must necessarily create a ring that any domain can put
messages on.

One solution would be to have the per-ring v4vtable rule chains that the
ring owner can modify. Or some mechanism by which a ring owner can pause
a sender and prevent it temporarily (or permenantly) from placing any
messages on the ring.


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