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[Xen-devel] [PATCH (V9) 0/2] Add V4V to Xen

[PATCH (V9) 1/2] xen: events, exposes evtchn_alloc_unbound_domain
[PATCH (V9) 2/2] xen: Add V4V implementation

v9 changes:
        - Use of XEN_GUEST_HANDLE_PARAM where appropriate
        - Add v4v hypercall structs to xlat.lst
        - Bypass XSM for internal event channel creation
        - Use is_hardware_domain instead of IS_PRIV
        - Modification for rebase on staging after 8 months
        - General code cleanup/format as requested

v8 changes:
        - Move v4v private structures to v4v.c
        - fix padding
        - Fix some coding style issues
        - Drop the VIRQ_XC_RESERVED patch

v7 changes:
        - Remove v4v_send from the API (v4v_sendv should be
          used instead).
        - Remove internal_v4v_iov
        - Remove useless padding
        - Switch back to use uint64_t for the pfn list
          instead of xen_pfn_t (to avoid some compat code)
        - Rename v4v_iptable to v4v_table.
        - Use __copy_to/from_guest when possible

v6 changes:
        - Check compiler before using [0] or [].

v5 changes:
        - Fix prototypes in v4v.h for do_v4v_op
        - Add padding to make sure all the structures
          are 64 bits aligned
        - Replace [0] with []

v4 changes:
        - Stop using ssize_t, use long instead
        - Return -MSGSIZE for message bigger than 2GB
        - Fixup size handling
        - Rename protocol with message_type to avoid the
          confusion with the IP protocol flag
        - Replaced V4V_DOMID_ANY value with DOMID_INVALID
        - Replaced v4v_pfn_t with xen_pfn_t
        - Add padding to struct v4v_info
        - Fixup hypercall documentation
        - Move V4V_ROUNDUP to v4v.c
        - Remove v4v_utils.h (we could potentially add it later).

v3 changes:
        - Switch to event channel
                - Allocated a unbound event channel
                  per domain.
                - Add a new v4v call to share the
                  event channel port.
        - Public headers with actual type definition
        - Align all the v4v type to 64 bits
        - Modify v4v MAGIC numbers because we won't
          but backward compatible anymore
        - Merge insert and insertv
        - Merge send and sendv
        - Turn all the lock prerequisite from comment
          to ASSERT()
        - Make use or write_atomic instead of volatile pointers
        - Merge v4v_memcpy_to_guest_ring and
                - Introduce copy_from_guest_maybe that can take
                  a void * and a handle as src address.
        - Replace 6 arguments hypercalls with 5 arguments hypercalls.

v2 changes:
        - Cleanup plugin header
        - Include basic access control
        - Use guest_handle_for_field

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