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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen/ARM multiboot (v2) support

On 05/24/2013 10:36 AM, Ian Campbell wrote:


can we push multiboot v2 support for Xen/ARM still into 4.3?

I'm OK with it in principal, since it sounds like it should be rather

It looks like it can coexists with zImage in the same binary - the
multiboot structure can be put just behind the zImage header and the
code can determine how it has been started: zImage bootloaders clears
r0, multiboot one's would set r0 to the MB magic.
I will sketch a patch tomorrow, just wondering if we can have this in
4.3 to have a sane booting protocol from the very beginning.

My main concern is that AFAIK multiboot2 on ARM is not well (at all?)

Actually I did not find any ARM extension so far, aside from one hobbyist project, as it seems. So basically we would set the rules here. The actual machine dependent interface is rather simple, for x86 for instance: eax: multiboot magic, ebx: pointer to multiboot structure, and some definitions like MMU off and protected mode.
Translated to ARM that would mean:
r0: multiboot magic, r1: pointer to multiboot structure, r2: dtb pointer (optional, could well be a tag in the multiboot structure). The rest are the standard requirements we have when entering Xen or the Linux kernel.
So I would not expect many problems from this (famous last words ;-)

so we may (lets face it: probably will, Murphy's law and all)
end up with 4.3.0 having something which isn't actually multiboot baked
into it. However I would support backporting an incremental fix to
implement the final protocol into 4.3.x so that's probably ok.

That sounds fine. I am OK with having it in Xen 4.3.1, I just don't want to wait for 4.4.


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