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[Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 0/5] arm/early-printk: Improve reusability and add Calxeda support

The current early-printk support for ARM is rather hard-coded, making
it hard to add machines or tweak settings.
This series slightly moves some code to gather UART settings in
xen/arch/arm/Rules.mk instead of the actual .c files. Also it allows
two different machines with different settings to share the same
driver, which the last patch exploits to add support the Calxeda
Midway hardware.

This haven't been extensively tested, but I looked at the generated
assembly and did some quick checks on Versatile Express.

Signed-off-by: Andre Przywara <andre.przywara@xxxxxxxxxxx>

Changes from v1:
        - add documentation
        - add extra support for ARM Fastmodel software emulators

Andre Przywara (5):
  arm/early-printk: calculate baud rate divisor from user provided
  arm/early-printk: allow skipping of UART init
  arm/early-printk: move UART base address to Rules.mk
  arm/early-printk: add support for ARM Fastmodel
  arm/early-printk: add Calxeda Midway UART support

 docs/misc/arm/early-printk.txt          |  9 +++++++++
 xen/arch/arm/Rules.mk                   | 20 +++++++++++++++++++-
 xen/arch/arm/arm32/debug-exynos4210.inc |  6 ++----
 xen/arch/arm/arm32/debug-pl011.inc      |  6 ++----
 xen/arch/arm/arm32/head.S               |  2 ++
 xen/arch/arm/arm64/debug-pl011.inc      |  6 ++----
 xen/arch/arm/arm64/head.S               |  2 ++
 7 files changed, 38 insertions(+), 13 deletions(-)


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