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Re: [Xen-devel] Early ACPI events prevent subsequent ACPI functionality on xen 4.3 + HVM domU


--On 21 May 2013 15:33:44 -0400 Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk <konrad.wilk@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

OK, but we should be able to fix this in Linux by doing something along
these lines (not compile tested):

Yep. Not much use on guests with current OS's though :-(

Somewhat to my surprise we are using the PV/PVHVM route not the ACPI
route (libxl_domain_shutdown / xl shutdown) so the subject line would
appear to be inaccurate.

The second problem is that ACPI shutdown appears not to work reliably
either (whenever issued).

Right and that one would require some more investigation as I think it
works as it would work on baremetal.

Diana thinks it does not - i.e. when you have a fully booted running Ubuntu
OS, does not reliably cause shutdown (as per Diana's testing), whether
or not you send an a trigger during early boot. Pressing the hardware
button does one would presume.

Meaning if you press the 'shutdown'
button and only BIOS is running it will ignore you. This would
be similar to the 'xl trigger' call that hopefully invokes the ACPI

You have to hold it for 5 seconds or so for the BIOS to do anything
about it.

I'm fine with ACPI shutdown not working before ACPI's been initialised,
in BIOS or whatever, so long as it works it has been booted!

Alex Bligh

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