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Re: [Xen-devel] Test report for xen-unstable and qemu-xen

On 09/05/13 14:28, Fabio Fantoni wrote:

- tools: Improve make deb

Is this needed in upstream Xen?
I thing is very useful, it helps me to save a lot of time onhundreds of tests build that I've done. I think that now without this make debball is unusable, I think that atleast these parts must be applied:
- Remove version from installed package name for correct update
- Add conffiles to manage main config files on package update

I already posted it but rejected :(

Yes, as we said in the discussions, we don't want the output of "make debball" useable as a full-fledged Debian package. The general consensus (IIRC) was that we'd be happy if someone were to step up and maintain such a set of packages, however.

New issue:
- nested hvm probably bugged: started test it on windows 7 pro 64
domU on qemu-xen,
   xpmode crash on install without show any error, nor error on logs
even if havdetection
   completes  with success

George: Should we track this nested hvm issue on the Xen 4.3 status emails?

This needs a proper report -- it doesn't say what cpu is being used.

Old issue:
- Network is not working after restore on Windows domU with qemu-xen
and gplpv
   Workaround: fixed mac address since it changes after each restore

And also this one?

I'll put this on my list. Not sure if this will be a release blocker, we'll see.


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