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Re: [Xen-devel] OT: xen libvirt issue

AL13N wrote:
>> AL13N writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] OT: xen libvirt issue"):
>>> i was more worried about the comments in the patch, ie: that it
>>> changes how tools using this (libvirt maybe) would need to be
>>> recoded.
>> Yes, in order to fully fix these races there are a number of libvirt
>> patches needed as well.  I don't know exactly which libvirt trees
>> these are in but the libvirt fixes are pure fixes which won't break
>> anything that's not already broken.
>> It is also the case that in theory the libxl fixes won't break
>> anything that's not already broken.  However, it turns out that some
>> versions of libvirt were already broken: at least some versions of
>> libvirt's libxl bindings had a bug in its timeout calculation code
>> which is triggered by timeout_modify(...{0,0}...), and the libxl patch
>> "libxl: fix stale timeout event callback race" exposes that bug which
>> was previously latent.
> FYI, applying these patches for me fixed the problem completely, i wasn't
> able to segfault libvirtd anymore.

I don't think you tried hard enough :).  But glad it is working for
you!  I still plan to improve shutdown event handling when I have some
time to work on the libxl driver.


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