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Re: [Xen-devel] OT: xen libvirt issue

AL13N writes ("Re: [Xen-devel] OT: xen libvirt issue"):
> i was more worried about the comments in the patch, ie: that it
> changes how tools using this (libvirt maybe) would need to be
> recoded.

Yes, in order to fully fix these races there are a number of libvirt
patches needed as well.  I don't know exactly which libvirt trees
these are in but the libvirt fixes are pure fixes which won't break
anything that's not already broken.

It is also the case that in theory the libxl fixes won't break
anything that's not already broken.  However, it turns out that some
versions of libvirt were already broken: at least some versions of
libvirt's libxl bindings had a bug in its timeout calculation code
which is triggered by timeout_modify(...{0,0}...), and the libxl patch
"libxl: fix stale timeout event callback race" exposes that bug which
was previously latent.


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