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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH] xl: extend autoballoon xl.conf option with an "auto" option

David Vrabel writes ("[PATCH] xl: extend autoballoon xl.conf option with an 
"auto" option"):
> autoballoon=1 is not recommened if dom0_mem was used to reduce the
> amount of dom0 memory.  Instead of requiring users to change xl.conf
> if they do this, extend the autoballoon option with a new choice:
> "auto".

I really like the principle of this patch.


> +
> +Default: C<"on">

I would like to see another patch changing the default.

> +    if (strstr(info->commandline, "dom0_mem"))
> +        return 0;

Sadly your command line parsing needs to be more sophisticated than
this.  Consider:

 xen blah vmlinuz blah initrd.gz blah init=/etc/init.try-without-dom0_mem


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