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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v10 16/19] libxl: call hotplug scripts for nic devices from libxl

> +        switch (nictype) {
> +        case LIBXL_NIC_TYPE_VIF_IOEMU:
> +            env[nr++] = "INTERFACE";
> +            env[nr++] = libxl__strdup(gc, libxl__device_nic_devname(gc,
> +                                                      dev->domid, dev->devid,
> +                                                      

Is this fall-through of the case deliberate? If so then a comment would
be good.

However I'm not sure about this. It seems like the hotplug scripts are
only called once in the VIF_IOEMU case? I would expect one call for the
PV VIF device and one for the TAP device? Perhaps I'm just missing the
location of the other one? Is this "num_exec" variable involved in some
way? But you don't propagate that to get_hotplug_env() and therefore
include *both* sets of env vars?

In any case something related seems to be broken for guests which use a
stub domain and use vifname=foo. What I see in that case is the script
called three times...
     1. For the PV interface of the stub domain (LIBXL_NIC_TYPE_VIF),
        renames vifX+1.0 -> foo-emu (*)
     2. For the PV interface of the real domain
        (LIBXL_NIC_TYPE_VIF_IOEMU part 1), renames vifX.0 -> foo
     3. For the emu interface of the real domain
        (LIBXL_NIC_TYPE_VIF_IOEMU part 2) renames vifX.0 -> foo-emu

The rename in #3 fails, because foo-emu already exists. But in fact this
call to the script should never happen for a domain with a stub domain
since the emulated device in this case is within the stub domain, not
the driver domain.

(*) This is with the patch I posted earlier to rename the stub domain's
vif with a -emu suffix. Without that then the clash is at #2 instead.


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