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Re: [Xen-devel] efibootmgr not working on xen-unstable booted on uefi system

>>> On 29.05.12 at 15:36, Fabio Fantoni <fantonifabio@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Il 29/05/2012 15:21, Jan Beulich ha scritto:
>> PS: Please don't drop xen-devel from Cc on conversations like
>> this.

You dropped xen-devel again.

> Thanks for reply, I check binutils and gcc, are installed and right 
> version seems:
> 2.22-6                                 GNU assembler, linker and binary 

And it also is configured properly (i.e. lists i386pep as supported
emulation)? If building xen.efi doesn't work, the first thing to look
at is (in the Xen build tree) xen/arch/x86/efi/disabled, which
stores any error encountered while checking for the necessary
features in compiler in linker).


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