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Re: [Xen-devel] efibootmgr not working on xen-unstable booted on uefi system

>>> On 29.05.12 at 13:39, Fantu <fantonifabio@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> I have installed dom0 Wheezy 64 bit on Dell PowerEdge T310 with kernel from
> package and xen-unstable. System is in Uefi mode and booted with
> grub-efi-amd64.

In -unstable, you shouldn't use any boot manager (other than
EFI's build in one) to boot Xen - neither GrUB or elilo are suitable,
as for making use of EFI runtime services you need to boot
xen.efi instead of xen.gz.

> Booting without xen efibootmgr works, while with xen not, efivars kernel
> module is loaded but show this message:
> efibootmgr 
> Fatal: Couldn't open either sysfs or procfs directories for accessing EFI
> variables.
> Try 'modprobe efivars' as root.

Presumably the module loads nevertheless, but without the
necessary underlying infrastructure it won't be able to do any
runtime calls, and hence wouldn't set up anything under /sys or


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