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Re: [Xen-devel] [patch] xen udev rule interfering with openvpn

On Mon, 2012-05-21 at 13:51 +0100, Teck Choon Giam wrote:

> > How does case #7 fail? Do you get both devices created but not placed on
> > the bridge or something else?
> I am not sure just in #7 fail to create.  The error as below:
> # xm create hvmdomaintest-vifname.cfg
> Using config file "./hvmdomaintest-vifname.cfg".
> Error: Device 0 (vif) could not be connected. ip link set vif1.0-emu
> name b1-emu failed

So am I correct that you use vifname="b1"? I wonder if there was any
output from this command. Did anything appear in
var/log/xen/xen-hotplug.log ?

> >
> > What names do the devices end up with? ("ifconfig -a", while guest is
> > running, "brctl show" also useful)
> Can't even create the hvmdomain with vifname set.
>   If you mean trying
> to capture the ifconfig -a output while xm create hvmdomain with
> vifname set... the interval for xm create hvmdomain with vifname set
> is too short for me to issue ifconfig -a and brctl show output in
> another terminal :(

Yes, that's something of a problem.

One approach you could try is to add the commands to the vif-bridge
script and re-direct to a file. One useful place to do that might be in
vif-common.sh just before the
        do_or_die ip link set "$dev" name "$vifname"
calls. e.g. add
        ( ifconfig -a ; brctl show ) >> /tmp/hotplug.dbg.log
or something. You might also want to add ">> /tmp/hotplug.dbg.log" to
the door_die so that it's output can also be logged.

> Just to confirm... are we going to "throw away" xm in 4.2 and use only xl?

Not yet, they will both existing in 4.2 but xl will now be considered
the default. We hope to be able to get rid of xm in the 4.3 time frame,
but that depends on a variety of factors.

> Thanks.
> Kindest regards,
> Giam Teck Choon
> >
> > Ian.
> >

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