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Re: [Xen-devel] Xen 4.2 TODO / Release Plan

On Mon, May 21, 2012 at 12:47:37PM +0100, Ian Campbell wrote:
> tools, nice to have:
>       * Upstream qemu feature patches:
>               * Upstream qemu PCI passthrough support (Anthony Perard,
>                 awaiting qemy upstream review)
>                       * Upstream qemu is frozen for their next release.
>                         Unlikely that these will be accepted in the next
>                         few weeks. Defered until 4.3 (therefore DONE in
>                         this context)
>               * Initial xl support for Remus (memory checkpoint,
>                 blackholing) (Shriram, DONE)
>       * xl compatibility with xm:
>               * xl support for autospawning vncviewer (vncviewer=1 or
>                 otherwise) (Goncalo Gomes, DONE)
>       * Directory usage in libxl (Bastian, as part of Debian packaging).
>         Defer to 4.3, therefore DONE in this context.
>               * dumps in /var/xen: wtf?
>                       * Bastian: "The FHS defines /var/crash for system
>                         crash dumps, but it is not used everywhere. So I
>                         would use /var/lib/xen/dump or so."
>               * user data files in /var/lib/xen:
>                       * What are the guarantees given for this files?
>                       * Bastian: "I don't think rebooting the control
>                         domain without rebooting Xen will work right
>                         now. So /var/run is the correct location."
>               * /var/run/libxl for temporary files
>                       * "$TMPDIR or the fallback /tmp is the correct
>                         location."
>       * xl commands to help rebind pci devices to pciback.  (George
>         Dunlap, DONE)
>       * libxl: Add API to retrieve domain console tty (Bamvor Jian
>         Zhang, patches posted)

        * xl.cfg(5) documentation patch for qemu-upstream videoram/videomem 
          qemu-upstream doesn't support specifying videomem size for the HVM 
guest cirrus/stdvga.
          (but this works with qemu-xen-traditional).

-- Pasi

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