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Re: [Xen-devel] [PATCH v2 4/4] tools/build: change order of config/Tools.mk inclusion

Ian Jackson wrote:
Roger Pau Monne writes ("[PATCH v2 4/4] tools/build: change order of config/Tools.mk 
Tools.mk contains variables that should be used when processing the
top level Config.mk for the tools, specially the CONFIG_DIR variable,
which is not honoring the PREFIX variable correctly, since when
CONFIG_DIR is set the PREFIX var is still not defined.

I'm not sure I really understand how PREFIX is supposed to work.

In a normal package PREFIX would be set to /usr, /usr/local, /opt, or
whatever, by the person doing the installation.

The code in StdGNU.mk seems to be capable of generating paths like
which is a bit mad.

Not so much, NetBSD has /usr/pkg/etc for example, for configuration of packages installed from ports.

Maybe adding the following to config/Linux.mk would be suitable:

XEN_LOCK_DIR = /var/lib
XEN_RUN_DIR = /var/run/xen
XEN_PAGING_DIR = /var/lib/xen/xenpaging

So we don't end up putting those under /usr/local or some strange user supplied path.

Also PREFIX is set in StdGNU.mk.  Why is it also set in Tools.mk ?

Configure scripts have a very common option, --prefix, which is saved into Tools.mk as PREFIX, this is what should be used as prefix for installation.

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