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[Xen-devel] [PATCH 0 of 4 V6] libxl: refactor suspend/resume code

This patch series refactors the suspend/resume code to minimize
Remus specific code in libxl. There are a couple of trivial bug
fixes too.

Changes in V6:
 Rebase to current tip.

Changes in V5:
 This series is just a resend, rebasing the patches to the latest tip. It 
depends on 
 Stefano's "V5: libxl: save/restore qemu physmap".

Changes in V4:
1. Incorporated Ian Campbell's comments on the suspend_cancel support patch.

Changes in V3:

1. rebase patches based on Stefano's patches
  use qmp_save instead of qmp_migrate
2. check if qemu moves to "running" state after resuming the device model
3. Moved comments on the co-operative suspend to libxl.h

Changes in V2:
1. migrate code is refactored as save_config , create child,
  do_preamble instead of coaelscing them all into one single
2. More documentation for suspend_cancel parameter in domain_resume
3. Minor nits


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