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[Xen-devel] [RFC PATCH 0/5] libxl: domain save/restore: run in a separate process

This is a first cut of my proposal to fix the libxl save/restore
machinery so that it is suitable for use in a single-process daemon.
See 5/5 for the full rationale.

Note that i have not executed this series, although I have compiled
it.  Nor have I reread the patches particularly carefully.  This is an
initial posting to get comments on the approach.

 1/5 libxc: xc_domain_restore, make toolstack_restore const-correct
 2/5 libxl: domain save: rename variables etc.
 3/5 libxl: domain restore: reshuffle, preparing for ao
 4/5 libxl: domain save: API changes for asynchrony
 5/5 libxl: domain save/restore: run in a separate process

These are also available as the final few commits on the following
git branch:
Note that this branch is REBASING and has a DISJOINT HISTORY to most
of the other xen-unstable.git trees on xenbits.

"master" in that repo is the xen-unstable tip (non-rebasing).  It
also contains my topgit forest; the tip of this series is the patch

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