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[Xen-devel] [IDEA] xendhcp proposal

Good day.

During automated VM deploy I found some very annoying problem - network VM configuration. Classic DHCP is not very easy to manage in virtual environment (protection from stray DHCP-servers, problems with autoidentification).

Problems are:
* how to identificate VM?
* how to provide network configuration in native way for guest (e.g. support of mount order for network fs, if-up scripts and so on) * how to reconfigure hosts 'on demand'? (even DHCP is not very 'on demand' beause of lease time).


Store network configuration in domain part of xenstore, use xendhcp service to read those data from guest and acts like classic dhcp client.

Implementation detail:

1) Store data in DHCP-like way (option code - answer).
2) Subscribe for changes and reacts to it like we have lease expiration.
3) xendhcp should replace normal dhcp (may be even with conclict in packages with original dhcp client, and provide it functionality), mimic /sbin/dhclient functionality.

That allows to keep original network configuration for every distribution, just put 'dhcp' method for debian 'interfaces' (and same way for every other operation system).

What you think about this?

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