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Re: [Xen-devel] Tracing xen

2011/7/14 王玉昊 <yhwang_eden@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> Dear Sir:
>             Hello, I'am a student in Xi'an JiaoTong University in China.
> Recently, I was doing some
>  research by using the virtual machine monitor, Xen. I want to get some
> running information
> about the hypervisor, and some issuse bothered me a lot. Hence, I mail you
> to ask for help. The
> issues include:
>             1. I used the 'xentrace' tool to collect the runnnig information
> and then translated the binary result by 'xentrace_format formats', and get
> the final readable file. But most of the results are labelled 'unknown'
> events, except for 'page_grant_map', 'page_grant_transfer'
> and 'page_grant_unmap'.  Is this the problem with my 'formats' file, or the
> monitor tool?

Hmm, I personally don't use the "xentrace_formats" file, so it tends
to bit-rot unfortunately.

I think your best bet is to use the 'xenalyze' tool I've written.  You
can find the hg repository here:


There's a small (rather incomplete) html file included with instructions.

>             2.Are there any effectable tools to monitor the hypervisor,  in
> order to get some important running parameters? Such as the hypercalls, the
> actions in the Shadow Page Table.

If you look in xen/public/trace.h, you'll see all of the records which
are traced.  Hypercall numbers are traced, and there is extensive
information collected about shadow pagetable operations and reported
in xenalyze.


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