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[Xen-devel] Tracing xen

Dear Sir:
            Hello, I'am a student in Xi'an JiaoTong University in China. Recently, I was doing some
 research by using the virtual machine monitor, Xen. I want to get some running information
about the hypervisor, and some issuse bothered me a lot. Hence, I mail you to ask for help. The
issues include:
            1. I used the 'xentrace' tool to collect the runnnig information and then translated the binary result by 'xentrace_format formats', and get the final readable file. But most of the results are labelled 'unknown' events, except for 'page_grant_map', 'page_grant_transfer' and 'page_grant_unmap'.  Is this the problem with my 'formats' file, or the monitor tool?
            2.Are there any effectable tools to monitor the hypervisor,  in order to get some important running parameters? Such as the hypercalls, the actions in the Shadow Page Table. 
            Hope for your reply. Best wishes.
                                                                                    Yuhao Wang
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