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[Xen-devel] Re: xen kernel crash at boot since 23598:b24018319772

Christoph Egger writes ("xen kernel crash at boot since 23598:b24018319772"):
> Changeset 23598:b24018319772 causes the xen kernel crash at boot:

23598:b24018319772 is a merge.  This occurs if two tree maintainers
with push access "race" and commit changes locally.

In this case the two sub-branches are:

 1. Olaf's xenpaging series ending with 23591:3dcb553f3ba9,
    applied by me, affecting only tools/
 2. A series of hypervisor patches ending with 23597:e2235fe267eb,
    applied by Keir.

You should be able to see this information in "hg log" (the commit
message "Merge" is a giveaway) but it's easier if you use "hg view".

It seems likely that something in 2. is responsible.


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