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[Xen-devel] syncing wall clock time from Dom0 to hypervisor

While in the upstream kernel I'm unable to find any use of XENPF_settime
(and the DOM0_SETTIME alias of it) at all, in the 2.6.18 tree (and the
forward ports of it) the function gets used only when ntp_synced()
returns true (and - that's minor - when independent_wallclock is not

It would however seem to me that this doesn't cover the case where
the host clock gets adjusted by the Dom0 admin. Is there perhaps
someone who remembers whether this was implemented the way it
is intentionally?

There's no such restriction in Jeremy's tree, but that tree also doesn't
seem to be doing updates at regular intervals (for NTP), nor does it
look like the CMOS clock would get updated here at all (i.e. I can't
really take this as a proper reference either).

Thanks, Jan

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